Using Social Media To Boost Your Online Presence

Social Media Marketing: Does your Social Media Presence help your websites appear on the first few pages of Google Search?

Yes! Social Media Marketing will greatly impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) across other forms of digital platforms, such as your website. More than you know!

Social Media profiles help search engines pick up reliable data and information, which later determines your website’s ranking on Google and Bing (Yes, Bing!).

Social Links Are Unpredictable.

Does Google still consider links published from social accounts as backlinks? If your social media post about your website goes viral, does it boost Search Engine rankings?

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Social Media Pages and Profiles Impact Your Overall Online Presence

Social signals are the total likes, reactions, and shares of social media visible to search engines. A web page’s position on search engines like Google and Bing, may not be affected by simply sharing through your social media accounts.

However, social profiles may surely put an impact on your web presence, as they appear on top of search listings for brand names and services. These “social channels” are felt more personal, engaging, and fun, than web pages that just display filtered information and marketing materials.

Have An Active Social Media Pages

Some may also consider TikTok or Pinterest as a non-essential social channel. But in today’s world, people usually search on social media platforms first and then judge your business or organization based on what they see. Having Social Media Profiles with up–to–date info and engaging content, and an active audience, have a big impact on Social Media Marketing.

Guess What? Social Media Channels have Search Engines!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and every other social media platform, can also be reliable sources, aside from Google and Bing Search Engines. People are likely to open social media profiles and make a quick scan to see a few of your business information or brand’s beautiful visual content and witty captions, presented on each channel.

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Social Media indirectly boosts SEO

Google stated that social signals don’t currently impact search rank, or do not officially help you on getting on the first page of Google Searches for a Keyword. That doesn’t mean they never will. Social media platforms show no signs of being less significant anytime soon. With a lot of marketing strategies these days trying to always sell you something, search engines would begin to look for other sources of authority and value, to help evaluate your website.

Don’t Focus On Google Too Much!

Tech Giant, Google, may have reconsidered its ways and changed its stance on social signals, but still, there are a lot of other search engines out there that Social Media Marketing strategies consider.

The Internet is becoming more and more networked and social. This continuously builds relationships, creates audiences, displays one’s likes and dislikes, and shares information. In our opinion, SEO practices and rules are meant to be broken, and Social Media Platforms should transform your online presence into a more engaging and reliable place.

Social Media Management with Web Majority PH

Can people find your business or organization on Social Media Platforms? Or are you just waiting for people to magically and coincidently find you?

From small businesses, and startup firms, to enterprises and multiple-location companies, our social media management experts can assist you with your social media presence and create long-lasting connections with your audience and followers. We also offer Website Creation and Development Services, if ever your need to build your web presence and authority.

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