Search Engine Optimization

Are we there yet? The same phrase can easily be applied to SEO. If you have a brand new site, it will take some months before you see any results because you don’t have a strong online reputation yet. 

You need to establish trust.

So how long does SEO take? It depends on several factors – Saturation, Location, Content, Backlinks, Authority/Security, Methods, and many more!

You build a website and you’re expecting business just to magically come. Nope! It doesn’t work like that. Imagine you have a beautiful shop window but no one passes the shop. No one knows your business is there. It’s the same with a website. It might be the most beautiful website in the world but if no one knows you’re there you won’t get any business.

SEO Packages

Your website must be ready to be heard, across search engines such as Google. We help business make it to top queries on major search engines like Google.

  • Fractional Load
  • Refrigerated Cargo
  • Regional Delivery
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Mobile Tracking

Are customers finding YOU? or your COMPETITORS?

We help you get ranked on Google. The higher you rank – the more new sales you will attract! Our team helps position your brand and raise your rankings on Google through a variety of organic and strategic marketing methods. No cheap, temporary solutions here. Why is this important? The easier you are to find – the easier it is for customers to choose you.

Statistics show that the top positions on Google lead to greater sales, higher client acquisition numbers, and more profit for a business.


Web Majority PH

We offer multiple website development services, such as Custom Web Designs for Personal Website Development, Corporate Websites, E-Commerce Platforms, Social Media and Online Presence Management, Graphic Designs, Search Engine Optimization, and much more!