Peace and Loyalty Lodge # 261​

Peace and Loyalty Lodge # 261

Website Development and Graphic Design Services (2022)
Equipped with professional and skillful Web Developers in the Philippines, we were able to create the initial website design look, and provide hosting and domain services, as well as, graphic designs for the different website elements of Peace and Loyalty Lodge # 261 Australia. Additionally, the website has a booking and events calendar feature and other common functions from our web development services package.

Peace and Loyalty is an active Lodge socially. It runs an annual cricket match against Brae Dale Lodge for the District charity in November, a Christmas spit roast lunch in November, a ‘Ladies in the South’ in January, an open day once a year where the Lodge doors are open and a talk is given to all who are interested, and a Lodge social function every month. WMPH has helped Peace and Loyalty Lodge make their online presence more compelling.

If you have questions or concerns just drop our team a message! You can also join our newsletter for updates.

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