Everstone Interlock


Everstone Interlock

Website Design and Development Services (2019)
Even though WMPH offers Web Development Services and Web Designs in the Philippines, we serve both local and global clients. The Everstone Interlock Website is one of them. This website project features a one page design, optimized for performance and integrated with security features. The website complements a minimalist and simple style, yet showcases the best and highest-quality portfolio by the client. Call To Action sections and forms are also within the website, as a central funnel for customers.

Everstone Interlock prides itself on providing the highest quality Interlock services while doing so at the most competitive price. With over 20 years of experience in the industry we design, we build, and we do so each and every day with Integrity. Web Majority PH has helped the client’s website needs, and improved on how people see their branding. Unfortunately, in 2020, the client discontinued its website services due to cost-cutting and the effects of the pandemic.

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