New Normal of Digital Marketing: Standing Up Your Business

We are now entering the post-pandemic era. With a lot of concepts now sprouting in the New Normal of Digital Marketing, how do digital marketers adjust?

Covid19 has hugely impacted the economy… stock markets, businesses, and even digital products and services, no matter how big or small they are. With the Pandemic now being managed and with people going back to their lives, talks are now focused on recovery and the New Normal.

Big Losses

Numerous businesses were affected because of the pandemic. Sales and Revenues drop and unemployment rate is sky-high. Employers are unable to sustain the pays of their employees. Workers are either put on leave, or being let go.

In the Digital Space, traffic and conversions were at all-time low. For some businesses, they are unable to maintain their website and online presence, and eventually shuts it down. This is where digital marketers, web developers and data analysts weren’t needed anymore.

Traffic For Some Niches are Down!

Some niches and categories were affected by the Pandemic. For example, traffic from travel blogs, and the tourism industry, were almost cut down by 75%. People weren’t searching about travel and tours anymore since everything was on lockdown.

But for some niches, such as the news industry, the traffic skyrocketed! This is also true for eCommerce and online shops, where the traffic went up by almost 50%. People were afraid to go out of the house. So they relied on online shopping and deliveries.

Digital Marketers During Pandemic

The Adjustment Period

During this economic downturn, lots of companies are now struggling to survive. Some go bankrupt, bought out or bailed via loans and the government.

This is where Digital Marketers need to adjust. This is an ideal time to buy out companies in a cheaper value. Moreover, this is an opportunity to bring out your business more, and make some noise. Why? Because competition are slowly being brought down. This is your chance to hold your customers’ (and your competitors’) attention.

An opportunity to strike and gain the market share. Take this opportunity and see its benefits in long term. The global recession effects is still in question on how far it will hit the bottom of other competitors. It is a matter of recovery and survival for digital marketers. Can you survive?


Observe, then strike. Don’t give up! It is important to study how digital marketers will survive through digital adversities and new normal marketing strategies. Do not let any global problem ruin your chances to survive, better to stand out, among others in a wise way.

New Normal Digital Marketing

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